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Big Truck Hop Farms

In 2015, the concept of Big Truck farm and Brewery was born!  The chance to brand our Hops and our farm as a quality producer of hops was a dream come true.  Being able to grow the best quality hops for our local markets has brought the farm to reality.  Every year we will add new local breweries to our list of beers that you can go taste our farms hops.   The beer is a way to experience the farm and what we grow, and brewers can put their own spins on Big Truck Hops and we can experience their beer.    

"East Coast Hops"

 -- Source Local --


Source your hops locally, Big Truck Hop Farm provides quality hops grown right in our own Maryland dirt.  With Cascade, Chinook, Michigan Copper, Newport and coming soon Southern Cross available, feel free to give us a ring to experience the farm or just talk hops. With our plants being first year in 2017, we are just excited to get started but join Big Truck early and experience Maryland hops first hand from the beginning.  Heck make some suggestions on some varieties you would like to see. hopcentral@bigtruckfarms.com

Hop Gear

Everyone loves cool gear, we will continually get cool gear and sell it.  Check back whenever you like, you never know when you will see the trucks we like to build for sale, in the meantime pick up a tee, or a growler for your collection. 

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